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Free Shipping Offer Available for Orders $95 and Up!
Free Shipping Offer Available for Orders $95 and Up!

Introducing La Tienda De Pepe

Savor La Tienda De Pepe's exotic tea, spices and nuts sourced directly from Turkey.

La Tienda De Pepe

Ships from Turkey directly to US & Canada

Discounted 7-Day Int. Shipping from $9.99

Made by the best Turkish Artesans

Experience the vibrant flavors of La Tienda De Pepe's exquisite collection of tea, spices and nuts. The brand takes pride in offering a diverse range of aromatic tea, spices and premium-quality nuts sourced from the heart of Latin America's culinary heritage. Indulge in the rich, savory goodness of hand-selected spices that add depth and authenticity to your dishes. Explore the delightful crunch of our meticulously roasted and seasoned nuts, perfect for snacking or enhancing your recipes. Elevate your culinary journey with La Tienda De Pepe's spices and nuts collection and savor the essence of Latin American cuisine in every bite.