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How to make Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is a particular style of coffee making that is focused on using finely ground coffee beans without a filter. This type of coffee originated in Turkey, but many nations in the Middle East and the world have adopted this wonderful coffee. Turkish coffee has a deeply rich flavor and plenty of caffeine, mainly due to the very fine coffee grounds that are used.

It is traditionally prepared without a filter in a tall, narrow copper pot called an Ibrik (also known as Cezve) and then served in a Turkish coffee cup known as a Fincan, which holds about 2-4 oz of liquid. However, there is more than one way to make Turkish coffee, especially for those who do not have an Ibrik or Fincan available. 

Below you will find instructions on how to make a traditional Turkish coffee and a quick and easy method.

How to make traditional Turkish Coffee with an Ibrik or pot:

1. Choose your desired serving cup and use this to measure how much water you will need to add to the Ibrik or a small pot. Typically a Fincan is used for serving, but any small coffee cup will work. As a rule of thumb, you will want to add about a 1/2 cup of extra water to the Ibrik to account for evaporation when the liquids boil. 

2. Add room temperature water to the Ibrik, and then add the desired amount of coffee. Typically, 1.5 teaspoons (5-6 grams) of finely ground Turkish coffee are used for every 2 oz (65 ml) of water. Lastly, add sugar or spice if you prefer a sweeter or more deeply flavored coffee. Stir the ingredients well.

3. Place the Ibrik on a small stove burner with low-to-medium heat. Stir the ingredients slowly to make sure everything is mixed well. After about 5 minutes (depending on the amount of water used) the coffee will begin to simmer and you will notice a layer of foam rising to the top. Before the foam overflows the Ibrik or pot, remove it from the stove temporarily. Use a spoon to scoop up the rising foam and transfer it into the coffee cup. Then place the Ibrik back onto the stove and continue to heat the coffee until it is boiling.

4. Once the coffee starts to boil, you can remove it from the stove and begin to pour it into your serving cup. Make sure to pour the coffee along the side of the cup or in a manner that does disturb the foam. The poured coffee should cause the foam to rise to the top.

5. Allow your cup to sit for a moment so that the fine coffee grounds can settle to the bottom of the cup. Your Turkish coffee is now ready. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.


How to make Turkish Coffee, the quick and easy way:

1. Add finely ground Turkish coffee to a heating vessel or coffee cup of your choosing. For approximately every 2 oz (65 ml) of water, add 1.5 teaspoons (5-6 grams) of finely ground Turkish coffee. If you like sugar or spices with your coffee, add your desired amount to the mix. 

2. Use your stove, an electric kettle, or a coffee maker to prepare boiling water for your coffee.

3. Pour boiling water directly into the heating vessel or coffee in relation to the amount of coffee used. For those who like stronger or weaker coffees, you can add more or less coffee grounds to adjust the flavor.

4. Stir and mix the ingredients well. If you chose to use a separate heating vessel, you can now pour the contents of your Turkish coffee into your desired serving cup.

5. Allow your cup to sit for a moment so that the fine coffee grounds can settle to the bottom of the cup. Your Turkish coffee is now ready. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.


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